Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Home Care Company

  1. 1. How do you recruit your caregivers?

    Grace Care interviews applicants from all walks of life. Most of our caregivers come to us as certified Long Term Care Aides (CNAs) or Home Health Aides. Many have worked in residential facilities or in private homes. Some have worked with developmentally delayed individuals. Others have no profssional caregiving experience but have served as caregivers for family, friends or other loved ones. During our interview process, we look for individuals who have a heart for people and an ability and willingness to acquire the training necessary to develop the skills required to provide excellent care to our clients. Our training process is stringent and on-going, and our caregivers receive a minimum of continuing education experience through lectures, seminars, webinars and hands-on practice. All Grace Care caregivers who provide personal care services for our clients are required to hold or obtain certification as Certified Home Health Aides before beginning employment.

  2. 2. Should a scheduling conflict occur, are there trained back-up caregivers available?

    We do our best to provide uninterrupted service to our clients. On occasion, however, a situation may arise in which a caregiver cannot report for her scheduled shift. In such instances, we strive to provide a suitable replacement as quickly as possible. Clients requiring higher levels of assistance or who should not remain alone receive our highest priority of continuing service.

  3. 3. Are your caregivers bonded and insured?

    Grace Care employees are bonded and are covered by liability insurance.

  4. 4. Are your caregivers employees or independent contractors, and who handles the payroll and required taxes for the caregivers?

    All Grace Care caregivers are directly employed by the company. All payroll and related taxes are handled through our bookkeeping department.

  5. 5. What types of background checks and screening do you do?

    Each potential employee undergoes a background check that includes an OSBI report, Motor Vehicles report and Federal background history report. Additional searches are performed via the internet. Each applicant's work history is also researched, including reference checks from past employers. Those caregivers who provide personal care services are required to verify their current certification as Certified Nurse's Aides and/or Home Health Aides. Home Health Aides are also required to undergo annual Tuberculosis screenings.