Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most often

Who pays for personal care?

Personal care services are typically paid privately by the client or family. Long term care insurance policies will often cover the cost of all or part of personal care services indicated as being needed by a physician. The Veterans' Administration will also cover costs for qualifying veterans.

Do you provide care in facilities, also?

Grace Care can care for your loved on in their private home, nursing home, assisted living facility, hospital or other permanent or temporary residence.

Are your caregivers supervised?

Grace Care caregivers receive ongoing training and supervision by our Registered Nurse as well as our Care Manager. We require regular communication with the office and utilize a computerized clock-in procedure to ensure that clients are receiving care exactly as scheduled.

Can we meet our caregiver ahead of time?

We would be happy to coordinate an introductory meeting prior to your first scheduled shift. Our Care Manager or regular caregiver typically accompanies a first time caregiver to their first visit with a client.

Can we request a replacement if we don't "connect" with our assigned caregiver?

Our goal at Grace Care is to "enhance the lives of those we serve". If a client/caregiver placement is not a good match for any reason, we will do our best to work with a client to ensure their satisfaction and comfort. It has been our experience, however, that a brief adjustment period is all it takes for our caregivers to earn the confidence of their clients.

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